Make It Wearable | Eduardo Garcia And The Future Of Bionic Limbs

Remember the INTEL Make it Wearable Challenge? Episode 1 explores how wearable technology is improving our communication and changing the way we interact. Episode 2 is about Human Health and how wearables will impact future medical technology, affecting our health and fitness decisions and redefining the doctor-patient relationship.

Now they have released episode three:

After becoming an amputee in 2011, chef Eduardo Garcia has used various mechanical and myoelectric prosthetics to continue pursuing his passion. In Episode 3 of The Concepts, Garcia describes how advancements in wearable technology could provide the ideal limb for a chef.

To learn more about the future of wearables, the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge and how to submit for the Development Track (open until June 24, 2014) or the Visionary Track (open until June 15, 2014), click here: https://makeit.intel.com

The future of technology is interesting to say the least.